Project delivery headaches?
You told us you wanted a better way

You spoke, we listened... You wanted:

  • one place to keep and organise your project information
  • an end to juggling Word, Excel, wikis and Google Docs to communicate project information to your team
  • to spend more time on "value-adding activities"
  • a simple way for your team and stakeholders to deliver complex work together
At a glance
It's the sum of the parts that make projects successful,
that's why Yonix works.

It brings together teams, knowledge and processes in one place, so you can get your projects delivered, one success at a time.
Yonix helps everyone in your team do their part
Works the way you do and helps you get your work done smarter
Why Yonix?
Spend more time on what matters
Everyone and everything, all in one place.
Living and up to date knowledge available everywhere and anytime.
Flexible to support the way you work
Industry standards, methods and best practices
Define, organise, prioritise and phase work that needs to be done
Create intuitive views to share with your team to provide context and supporting knowledge.
Your team working together
From the idea to the detail, through to completion - coordinating work to be done and actively contributing.
Stay on top of and embrace change
Quickly understand its impact, then adapt. Automatically track changes, versions and decisions to record why and when they were made.
Keep everyone up-to date and on the same page
Maintain a clear vision. Understand how you got there, the key decisions that were made and by whom.
Work on the right things with the right people
See the big picture, explore the detail, who's involved and how it all ties together. Identify gaps and avoid those unwanted surprises.
Provide your team with relevant and timely information
Provide your team with information and context that is relevant to them at the level they need for meaningful engagement. Give them a voice to respond, share ideas and solutions.
Product Features
Work faster, together, with less friction, more buy in,
less administration, less paper and fewer versions.
Maintain clarity
as requirements evolve

Seamlessly capture requirements, ideas, relationships and dependencies. Welcome and understand the impact of change with clear traceability. Automatically track changes, version history and decisions.

Agility in a familiar document format

Create living documentation. Prioritise and phase items for delivery, define glossary terms, create references, publish and review online or export to MS Word or Excel.

Work together to build team consensus

Invite your team to contribute. Share items, documents and projects as you work. Get instant feedback, build consensus and engagement while developing ideas.

Stay in control and ahead
of the game

Dashboard reporting and analytics make it easy to globally track and manage progress, process and quality. Have visibility of activity and changes, understanding who made them and why. Identify and address gaps and
risks early.

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