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Requirements gathering - Is there a base set of questions?


Asking the right questions at the right time to the right people is an art form. The first thing you need to sort out though is who you need to be talking to. First on your invitation list should be the stakeholders followed by any influencers.

Lay on the table the outcomes that need to be delivered and achieved. Look at what products and services are involved for the business and what processes are required.

When thinking about what questions to ask when beginning a project consider using everyone’s favourite words, what, when, where, who and how.

Another good way to help mould well focused questions is to use the acronym BOSARDI. This breaks down to Background, Objectives, Scope, Assumptions, Roles (risks and responsibilities), Deliverables and Issues.

BOSARDI acts as a checklist to guide you in the right direction. In turn this will give you a belly full of information to then pave the way to a successful project.