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The Pitfalls for Business Analysis Planning


There’s a famous song by Kenny Loggins called Danger Zone. It’s an oldie but a goodie but for a business analyst this isn’t a song you want to be singing. How then do you avoid the highway to the danger zone when planning?

First and foremost you need to identify who the stakeholders are. Because the reality is missed stakeholders mean missed requirements.

Next you need to agree the outcomes and context of the project with the stakeholders. From day one everyone needs to be singing from the same song sheet, otherwise who knows where you’ll end up.

Another key to planning a good project is communication. Regardless of what you’re doing it needs to be communicated. Everyone needs to be kept in the loop, if you don’t do this then some issues could arise.

Finally, when estimating for a project we tend to be too optimistic. The reality is the future is unknown. Who knows what will happen and when. You need to think about the actual amount of time you will spend and allow a little extra time along the way just in case.