Welcome to the ‘Better Business Analysis’ webinar series
Where your questions are answered by
our global community and industy experts
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About the series
The ‘Be a better BA’ webinar series was jointly started by Jody Bullen (Yonix Founder and CEO) and Alex Papworth (BA Mentor) through a common vision of wanting to helping individuals improve their capability by drawing upon the experience, insights and knowledge from our global community.

They wanted an easy, informal and fast way to facilitate knowledge sharing that could benefit everyone; tackling and solving the challenges and problems that really matter to you.
How does it work?
The format of the series is a panel discussion driven by the questions submitted in advance by the community. The panellists are practitioners and community members just like you, who have volunteered their time to share their experiences.

It provides a great way to share different viewpoints from different experiences in a casual, professional and friendly environment.

You choose how you participate, ask questions, attend a webinar, watch a recording or be a panellist.
Who is it for?
Business Analysts, Product Managers or similar roles of all experience levels

Other Project Professionals, Project Managers (PM)
How much does it cost?
The webinars are free to attend.