10 things I wish I had known before starting my first Agile project

Agile is undeniably becoming a common method for software delivery. It comes in many flavours, and the various frameworks (Scrum, Kanban, XP etc) are often blended to suit the needs of the project and the experience of the team.

Apart from introducing a new set of terminology (e.g. sprints, story points, retrospectives etc), to be successful in agile really requires a genuine mindset shift within the delivery team and the business. Often it can even feel counterintuitive as you adopt the thinking and practices for the first time.

This webinar is an opportunity for you to ask the panel any questions you have about working on agile projects - whether you are yet to work on your first agile project, or if you have had some experience with agile but have some topics you would like to hear discussed.

Some themes to get you started in thinking about questions to propose:

Are there any agile specific terms or concepts you would like defined?
- Is there an aspect to the BA role on an agile project you would like to explore?
- Have you heard any potentially negative stories about agile that you would like the panel to address?
- Are you familiar with the importance of the 'inspect and adapt' cycle (think 'change management') which agile teams must do?
  • What is agile and how do you define an agile mind-set?
  • Is Agile always desired although popular? When would Agile not be used?
  • Does Agile simply cut corners regarding documentation?
  • How do you contract for an Agile project if you can't be sure what is going to be delivered and when?
  • Does a BA fit into Agile?
  • What are the 10 things a BA must do on a new project?
  • What are the best resources for Agile?


Shane Hastie (ShaneH@softed.com)

I am currently a professional trainer and consultant specialising in Agile practices, business analysis, project management, requirements and methodologies for Software Education Associates in Australia and New Zealand.

Over the last 30+ years I have successfully led and managed developers, testers, trainers, project managers and business analysts; producing standards and templates and implementing key performance measures to motivate and deliver results that align with overall business objectives.

I have assisted a number of companies in producing methodologies and implementing processes to improve their end to end software development capabilities, from initial scoping and business case through to final user acceptance testing. This included defining workflows, training and mentoring technical teams across the entire product development lifecycle. I am a strong advocate of Agile methods - They Work!

I have a Master in Information Management degree (case study in the implementation of Agile methodology for a global software house), am one of the first CBAP™ (Certified Business Analysis Professional) qualified professionals in the world and am Certified in software testing (International Software Testing Qualifications Board). I am accredited as a Qualified Business Analysis Practitioner by the Australian Business Analysis Association. I hold CSM, CSPO and ICP (2012) certifications.

I am a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and a trained personal development coach.

I am a Board member of the Agile Alliance and a signatory to the Agile Manifesto. I am a member of the International Institute of Business Analysis.

Steve Ash (steve@ootac.com)

OO Training and Consultant, Steve Ash, cut his IT development teeth with Agile processes long before the term agile was popularized. Tasked with producing software to very tight deadlines he employed the early RAD approach in an object-oriented environment before embracing all thatDSDM has to offer in IT and non-IT projects.Steve is the technical director for the Consortium and is a Certified DSDM Practitioner, Trainer and Examiner.He is also an OMG member, an MDA Qualified Service Provider, a Certified UML Professional. Steve continues to work with the exponents of Scrum, Crystal and eXtreme Programming to modify and add to the use of DSDM.

Alex Papworth (alex@bamentor.com)

23 years experience in IT and financial services in many locations across the globe.

Specialties: Mentoring, BA Planning, Use Case modelling, UML, Workshop facilitation

Trained in applying Lean Startup with particular focus on using the Business Model Canvas

Establishing a professional development business by facilitating the sharing of expertise and experience of the business analyst community and other professional communities.

Pete Cohen (petecohen@gmail.com)

BA from Melbourne with 5 years experience. 6 months into his first Agile project and loving it. Passionate about agile, community innovation (through Random Hacks of Kindness) and hardware hacking the Internet of Things.

Skills and Endorsements:

  • Business Analysis
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Business Requirements
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Information Architecture
  • Scope Management
  • Agile Project Management
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Software Development

Jody Bullen (jody.bullen@yonix.com)

Jody Bullen has extensive experience delivering successful complex business and software projects in various industries both in NZ and the UK. As the founder, Jody is a key driving force behind Yonix. He was awarded Computerworld New Zealand Business Analyst of the Year in 2009. Jody is an active member and thought leader within the Business Analyst community, and has presented in New Zealand and internationally.

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