Building BA Capability and Community of Practice

Whether you're a solo BA, work as part of a BA team or lead one, this webinar will help you learn from those who have successfully developed a BA capability and built communities of practice.

This webinar focuses on building BA capability and community of practice defining what a BA Capability and Community of Practice is and steps to follow to create one. Advice on how to be a better Business Analyst, how to best define what a BA does in a efficient way and types of software tools BAs should be trained on.
  • What is a BA Capability or community of practice? And why would you want one?
  • What are the steps you are following to create a BA Best Practice?
  • What stones is the BA capability built on?
  • How does a community of practice support the aim of a centre of a BA centre of excellence?
  • How many BAs should be managed via a single Practice Manager to get the best out of the individual but deliver Business results? - In Automotive manufacturing industry with lot of disconnects in the business processes and lack of SMEs, how should I approach this?
  • What techniques are recommended to achieve a sense of community / mutual support across a team of geographically distributed BAs? - How to work with disorganized IT teams and how to get them to conform to a process? - What was the best piece of advice passed down to you to make you a better Business Analyst? - What are the questions to ask while gathering requirements - In a new organisation, what should be specified first - business process or business requirements? - Is lean six sigma necessary to build effective processes? - How to handle frequent change requests? - Any ideas about promoting the BA function in an institution where it has not been traditionally much used? - What traits should be observed in an organization that is supportive for BAs & their growth? - What can/are we doing to promote our trade? Specifically, how do we propose adding value to the business? - What software tools should BAs be trained on both for BA role and for the Community of Practice?


Kirsten McLay

Experienced consultant specialising in Business Architecture, Strategy & Change

Specialties:Financial Services - Banking, Life Insurance, & Pensions Public Sector

Ian Gillespie

After reading Astrophysics at University, I went on to experience management in several areas of commercial banking at a UK FTSE 100 bank, including Credit & Risk, Corporate Account Management, Technology and Group Risk. During this scheme, I experienced many development schemes, including: Leadership, Management Toolkit, Assertiveness, Maximising Potential, Finance for Non-Finance Managers, Facilitation, Team Building and Project Management.

Subsequently working alongside the senior executive of a FTSE 100 UK retail bank, I gained an insight into the senior operation of large scale banking in the UK.

Moving into Technology and Change, I have gained experience as a business analyst, process engineer, project manager, managing consultant and functional leader.

I have also learned from, and led, strategic merger initiatives in a global banking organisation and since have fulfilled a people leadership role in a global change management function and worked at an enterprise level to control the process for optimising strategic investment for a global leading bank.

Externally, I have also qualified as an Associate of the Institute of Financial Services and gained a B.Sc. degree in Financial Services Management. I also have a role on the board of the International Institute for Business Analysis in the UK, as Communities Director.

Barbra Davis (

Over 25 years of diverse expertise that will complement your company in the areas of developing high performing teams, re-organization, operational excellence and organizational change management in global organizations.


  • Launched: Business Analysis portfolio within global Fortune 500 hybrid outsourcing firm and grew portfolio from $500K to over $8 million in 2 years
  • Grew: Service portfolios to over $51 million
  • Reduced: Operational spending by salvaging struggling projects and driving operational changes for clients in excess of $220 million
  • Retained: enabled retention of $40 million in recurring revenue for consulting client
  • Collaborated with sales to develop in excess of $100 million in project estimates
  • Author “Managing Business Analysis Services: A Framework for Sustainable Projects and Corporate Strategy Success”
  • Contributing Author “Canadian Business Strategy Association Body of Knowledge 2013” (book release TBD)
  • Developed worlds first university-accredited Business Analysis diploma
  • Global Speaker to audiences in India, Canada and the US
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