How you can ensure success as a first-time business analyst contractor

It can feel daunting moving from a permanent business analyst role into the world of contracting.

You feel you have the capability as a business analyst but what are the 'extra' skills you need to acquire to be successful? How do you find new contracts? How do you ensure that you start up quickly in a new organisation? How do you leave a good impression so that your employer want you back again in the future?

This webinar deals with how you can ensure success as a first time business analyst contractor. The topics discussed are how being a contract BA can be rewarding, How to know whether you are ready to be a business contract. Marketable skills for a BA to succeed in contracting. The techniques that are used the most when people are engaged with clients. The best ways to be proactive. The different types of ways to grow you career while working as a contract BA. Finally different ways of how to find a good accountant.
  • Is being a contract BA rewarding?
  • How do I know if I am ready to be a contractor?
  • What are the most marketable skills of a BA to succeed in contracting?
  • What techniques are most used to engage with clients (direct and indirect) to get contract work?
  • Contractors are expected to be productive from day one. What would you suggest contractors to become productive quickly?
  • How can I grow my career while working as a contract BA?
  • Where do you get good advice on tax affairs/find a good accountant?


Steve Medford (

Steve has been working in IT for over 25 years and for much of this time has been involved in the delivery of mission critical IT solutions. During this time he ahs worn a lot of different hats and accumulated a wealth of experience across many disciplines including business analysis, project management, development team management and all areas of software design and development.

Four years ago he was made redundant after 11 years at a bespoke development house and decided to take the plunge in contracting. Since that timw he has worked successfully as a freelance business analyst, mainly in the insurance sector.

Penny Pullan (

The majority of my work is with people in multinational organisations who are grappling with tricky projects and programmes of change. Tricky usually means a combination of:

  • risky, with uncertain outcomes;
  • working with virtual team members dispersed around the globe;
  • complex and often ambiguous requirements;
  • complex and often culturally diverse mix of stakeholders, who need to be interested, engaged and involved.

With this context, people say I bring order and clarity, providing support and tools to cut through the problems and to emerge successful, delivering benefits at the same time as developing the individuals involved.

I’ve worked with programmes as wide ranging as running virtual summits and professional groups, certification of child labour in West African countries, supporting people who make insulin all over the world to work virtually effectively, the global implementation of SAP, introducing project techniques in the not-for-profit sector as well as ‘Project Management Excellence” training.

Alex Papworth

23 years experience in IT and financial services in many locations across the globe.

Specialties: Mentoring, BA Planning, Use Case modelling, UML, Workshop facilitation

Trained in applying Lean Startup with particular focus on using the Business Model Canvas

Establishing a professional development business by facilitating the sharing of expertise and experience of the business analyst community and other professional communities.

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