How to get your first BA role

If you ask four BAs how they got their first role and you might well get four different stories. There is no one route to your first BA role which is guaranteed to be successful. However, there are some steps that everyone can follow which will achieve success with the right level of commitment.
  • What skills do I need to become a BA?
  • How do I get experience as a BA?
  • How can qualifications and courses make a difference without actually having commercial BA experience?
  • Where do companies and agencies search for new BAs?
  • How can I progress to be a BA from my current role as a Software Tester?
  • How do get your resume acknowledged if you don't have some of these requirements but the job seems like a good fit?
  • How does one get around recruiters looking for Subject Matter Expert Business Analysts with previous experience of specific Systems/Processes?


Stephen Hughes

Stephen brings a unique insight from recruiters and recruitment agencies arising from years in a recruitment role. Hi is an experienced business analyst recruiter and will share his insights on what employers look for in their candidates.

Most recently, he set up his own business ( at the end of last year to offer candidates an interview coaching service, CV writing services whilst offering clients recruitment consultancy services (process improvements, line manager interview training, in-house recruitment campaigns on a contract basis).

Stephen started in IT recruitment in 1999 and has been in many manager and recruitment roles ever since.

Glenn Hook

Worked for Nationwide for 17 years in various roles including Operational Manager for Personal Loan sales and fulfilment, change consultant and most recently as a Business Analysis Practice Manager.

Has been actively involved in recruitment of Business Analysts at all levels including Graduate Trainee schemes. Having come from a business background, he is keen firm believer that business analysts can be born from many different specialisms and is currently looking at how to ‘grow-your-own’ business analysts, by recruiting talent from within Nationwide.

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