How to make use cases work for you

Mention use cases and most Business Analysts have an opinion. It's one of those subjects, like Agile, that can generate strong responses.

Most business analysts think they are important to have in your toolkit. Many have never actually tried to use them and some find them intimidating.

This webinar is for business analysts who have used use cases before but want to make them work better.

There are some questions that need to be answered to get the best out of the approach such as:

- If you're using use cases should you abandon traditional requirements catalogues?

- What is the correct level of detail for a use case?

- Should you include storyboards with use cases and, if so, how?

- What comes before the use case model?

- How should you use the extends relationship anyway?
  • What is a Use Case?
  • When do use cases add maximum value?
  • Who else (apart from BAs) can benefit from use cases?
  • How do you write use cases that are clear to understand by the end user as well as the developer?
  • How do you translate a use case into requirements?
  • What is the best way to leverage use cases while using the Agile Methodology?


James Shields (

Highly experienced and enthusiastic business analyst. Worked mainly in financial services for major institutions, also has experience of other sectors. Equally at ease in dealing with business and technical people, at all levels.

Coming from a systems development background, has in-depth experience of most roles in the development life cycle including project manager, business analyst, systems analyst, tester, and developer – now specializing in business/systems analysis.

Particularly adept in gathering system requirements from the business, communicating them to the developers, testing that they have been implemented as expected, and then integrating the changes into the business processes.

Real believer in the power of teams. Acted as mentor to help develop other business analysts.


  • Requirements Engineering
  • Business Process Modelling
  • System Modelling using UML
  • Software Testing

Edel Power (

Edel is a Senior Consultant in the Business Analysis service line with X4 Consulting in Wellington, New Zealand. She has worked with a number of leading consulting organisations including global companies such as Accenture (Ireland) and Australasian based companies such as Davanti Consulting (New Zealand) and now X4 Consulting.

Edel has gained experience across a wide range of industries including insurance, education, financial services, sports and recreation, agriculture and pharmaceuticals. She has worked in both the public and private sector on a range of projects from strategy development, to large scale transformational projects and smaller operational improvement initiatives.

Edel focusses on finding a logical and practical approach to problem solving and providing clarity and direction to complex situations. She is committed to the continual alignment of business and IT and builds strong relationships to ensure the required outcomes are achieved.

Pete Cohen (

BA from Melbourne with 5 years experience. 6 months into his first Agile project and loving it. Passionate about agile, community innovation (through Random Hacks of Kindness) and hardware hacking the Internet of Things.

Skills and Endorsements: Business Analysis Agile Methodologies Business Requirements Requirements Gathering Information Architecture Scope Management Agile Project Management Requirements Analysis Software Development

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