Managing Stakeholders

We can't live with them, we can't live without them. Stakeholders exist internally and externally and often have competing priorities and needs.

Our best moments often arise from exceeding a stakeholder's expectations. Unfortunately, our worst moments are also often due to managing a stakeholder poorly.

Managing stakeholders is a difficult undertaking, so how can we manage our stakeholders to achieve a better outcome for all?

This webinar discusses managing stakeholders. The major topics discussed are: The best way to identify and document who stakeholders are and what typical stakeholders are like. How you can get the most out of them. Dealing specifically with how frequently you should update your stakeholders and whether you should meet with stakeholders as a group or individually. The next topic was how to make stakeholders own the requirements. How to manage stakeholders who see little benefit in your delivery yet are impacted by the change. Next was prioritizing requirements with stakeholders. Finally, the discussion of whether or not PMs should also engage in stakeholder management
  • What is the best way to identify and document who the stakeholders are?
  • How do we get the most out of our stakeholders?
  • How do you make stakeholders own the requirements?
  • How do you manage stakeholders who see little benefit in your delivery, yet are impacted by the change?
  • How do you prioritize requirements with stakeholders?
  • PMs also do stakeholder management. Shouldn't it therefore be a joint effort with PMs?
  • Is it really about managing stakeholders, or should there be equal emphasis on coaching for stakeholders for better collaboration


Patrick Mayfield (

I am the founding director and Chairman of pearcemayfield (

I recently published ‘Practical People Engagement: Leading Change through the Power of Relationships’. This has since been adopted as the core reference for an international certification in Stakeholder Engagement.

I write a blog at called “Lessons of a Learning Leader”.

I was practitioner assurance on the management team that originally delivered the PRINCE2 Method in 1996. I’ve kept a close association with the Method ever since. I was one of four authors commissioned to refresh MSP (‘Managing Successful Programmes’), leading to the 3rd Edition that was published in September 2007.

I also helped develop the Training Resource Kit for APM Group when launching the new MSP programme management framework in 1999.

Specialties: Programme management. MSP. Project Management. PRINCE2. Leadership coaching. Public speaking. Mind Mapping. Business Writing.

Laurna Munro (

I have a strong background in Facilitation and Business Analyst activities specialsing in Banking and Call Center operations.

I thrive on new challanges and continuously work to improve my skills.

Specialties: Process & Value Stream Mapping Requierments Gathering Facilitation Process Improvement Request CV for more details

Glenn Brule (

Glenn R. Brûlé, CBAP & CSM, brings more than two decades of focused business analysis experience to every client engagement. As a globally recognized subject matter experts, Glenn works directly with clients to build and mature their business analysis capabilities.

A recognized expert in the creation and maturity of Business Analysis Centers or Excellence, Glenn has helped global clients in the energy, financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, insurance and automotive industries, as well as government agencies across the world. His approach to maturing requirements management and development capabilities focuses on short-term reductions in costs, resources and time to market while charting a path to long-term change that drives organizations competitively forward.

Traveling extensively to speak at conferences, work with clients and help build local chapters of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®), Glenn is afforded a rare global viewpoint on the state of BA. Recent travels have brought him to six continents where he has spoken before more than 15,000 business leaders. This on-the-ground experience provides clients with a reality-based perspective of BA in regions around the world and proven guidance on how to overcome geographic, cultural and language barriers.

In 2009, Glenn published his first two works, the CBAP™ Exam: Practice Test and Study Guide and Business Analysis Terms, 1st edition. He is also a regular contributor to Modern Analyst and BA Times as well as other industry publications

As a founding board member of IIBA® and former Vice President, Chapters, Glenn drives the advancement of the BA profession globally. His personal commitment and involvement has resulted in the founding of chapters in more than a dozen countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Specialties:Problem solving, facilitation, public speaking

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