The Role of a BA in large Agile Enviornments

Agile is fast becoming the dominant way for software to be delivered. while small teams find it comparatively easy to adopt agile practices, it can be more challenging in large, established organisations.

This panel discussion explore the role of the BA on agile teams in large and complex environments.

The panelists - Bernd Schiffer and Chris Chan, are highly experienced in coaching teams throught he agile transformation process, and share their experiences and ideas that will help BA's be successful while going through these changes.
  • Roles on agile teams- BA & Product Owner
  • Tools, Practices and co-location
  • Agile at Scale
  • Adding value as a BA to agile teams
  • What is the role of a BA in large Agile enviornments?
  • What are the documents produced by BA in Agile methodology versus Waterfall and why is there this difference, if any?
  • What are typical BA deliverables in an Agile project. What skills are needed?
  • Roles on agile teams - BA & ScrumMaster/Iteration Manager
  • If we have a scrum master, the business owner, UX and the developers in the same room - what does the BA do?
  • How does BA's add value in agile where the structure is that of a product owner, scrum master and scrum team?
  • The dual role as a BA and Project Manager in a Software environment will this act as Scrum master? All what's your view?
  • I've heard that BA's on an Agile project can be Product Owners. But is there Business Analysis for them to do?
  • What is the difference between the Senior Business Analyst and a Product Owner role in an Agile Team?
  • Can agile or scrum be as a effective where a team is not co-located and has to use daily conference calls?
  • What are your views on the best way to capture stakeholder requirements using an agile approach in a large organisation?
  • How to make developers realise the difference between estimates and effort?
  • Suggestions to implement Agile changes to systems which need to go through various authorities, across divisions?
  • One barrier to true Agile adopton is finance depts who continue fund only in a plan-driven style. Can the BA bridge this gap?
  • In large complex environments using Agile - how do we 'effectively' manage to keep across the scope of parallel projects?
  • How relevant is the role of BA in Agile teams going forward?
  • Aside from the complexities of large agile projects, what challenges will BA face with such?


Bernd Schiffer

Is an Agile coach, trainer and consultant in Melbourne, Australia. He founded his own Agile company called Bold Mover, and he’s been doing Agile and Lean for about 14 years. He often works at the client’s introducing Scrum and Kanban at team and management level. He deeply cares about his work, and he’s passionate about running long distances

Chris Chan

Chris Chan is an Agile Coach with Object Consulting with over 15 years experience in software development who cares about humanising the workplace. He specialises in scaling Agile and helping executives, teams and individuals to adopt Agile values, principles and practices that thrive within their specific environment.

Chris is the organiser of the Melbourne Agile Coaching Circles Meetup group and his passion is working side-by-side with teams to help them become more effective and deliver value to customers and the business. He has a particular interest in coaching organisations and teams to bring about positive change to build learning organisations. His ethos is to be pragmatic, listen and apply incremental learning. In his spare time Chris likes to spend time behind the camera and enjoys a game of golf.

Pete Cohen

BA from Melbourne with 5 years experience. 6 months into his first Agile project and loving it. Passionate about agile, community innovation (through Random Hacks of Kindness) and hardware hacking the Internet of Things.

Skills and Endorsements: Business Analysis Agile Methodologies Business Requirements Requirements Gathering Information Architecture Scope Management Agile Project Management Requirements Analysis Software Development

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