• We've been there, working on projects
  • We understand your frustrations and
    we are here to help
  • We're making project delivery easier
Our story
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  • We are a group of experienced and passionate professionals

  • We had worked on software delivery and change management projects

  • We were frustrated

  • We felt constrained

  • We spent too much time on administration

  • We wanted a better way to work

  • We wanted to take away the headaches of project delivery

  • So we said to ourselves, "Let's do something about it"

  • We wanted to give something back

  • We built a simple, comprehensive and capable tool

  • We wanted to share Yonix with others, so we did

  • Teams all over the world now use Yonix

  • Today, our global community encompasses professionals

  • We have built a company with integrity and great people

  • What we stand for

  • We believe in "a job done well"

  • We're good people, we care and we are here to help

  • Yonix is our answer to your Project Delivery headaches

  • Your journey starts here

Why the Yonix name?   We know it's quirky and unique - that's the whole point!
We wanted a short and memorable name that we could brand, trademark and use globally.

Meet the people behind Yonix
Jody Bullen
Director, CEO, Founder
Jody is the founder of Yonix and is passionate about how Yonix can improve the way teams work. Jody has over 14 years experience working in product and software development as both a Developer and BA. He was Winner of the Computerworld New Zealand BA of the Year 2009. Jody completed the MIT Entrepreneurship Development programme in 2013.
Robert Lockerd
Robert is a highly qualified senior management professional, with more than 20 years of business and technical experience developing and marketing software products, directing projects and programmes, and creating highly effective organisations in the ICT industry. Robert headed the product strategy and development for Works.com and helped manage the acquisition and integration of Works by Bank of America.
Marcel Van de Assum
Marcel is a successful Angel investor, professional director and independent advisor. His roles include Chairman InterGrid (GreenButton) Ltd, Chairman Voco Ltd and others.
Steve Davey
Steve has proven success in developing the right product/marketing mix to achieve business growth at some of Australasia’s largest utility providers.
Paul Gold
Paul has provided the Systems Architecture for Yonix. Paul worked as one of the early database and infrastructure architects at Trade Me. Paul helped scale Trade Me from a single PC to a huge infrastructure hosting millions of users.
Keith Flores
Keith has been working with Yonix since its inception. His focus is front-end development, transforming concepts and designs into webpage templates for the public and product sides of the business. He has a passion for elegantly crafted solutions that are modern and scalable, keeping Yonix's products at the forefront of today's technology.
Bob Forgan
Bob has a passion for ensuring that technology provides benefit to businesses. He is an experienced business consultant with proven expertise in all aspects of product development, business and systems analysis, and in the management of complex projects. His specialty is Agile Programme and Project management, particularly in software development and implementation.
Charlene Turei
Information Architect/UX
Charlene designed the end to end user interaction for Yonix. She is an Interaction Designer and Information Architect. Charlene brings a multi-disciplinary approach, combining a keen designer’s eye with a systematic and logical approach to IA. A wealth of experience means her solutions aren’t just good on paper, but translate into a genuinely good user experience.
Bruce Earle
Bruce has been Yonix’s accountant from the start. He "has to be one of the cooler accountants in Wellington, and who delivers a great service without compromise".
Kelly Burdon
Creative Writing
Kelly works hard to make complex ideas simple to understand. You'll see Kelly's work on our Blog. Kelly is a creative marketing specialist in Social media, advertising and event coordinating. She gets a kick out of achieving results. Kelly has worked in Media, Not For Profit and Government sectors.
Yvonna Chrzanowska
Yvonna has assisted Yonix with website communications. She has experience in product development and has worked in the creative sector. She is an experienced project manager and is passionate about effective communication, collaboration and creating the best user experience outcomes.
Paul Nairn
UX Designer
Paul worked on the UX (User Experience) and Usability Testing for Yonix. Paul is an experienced UX and Service Designer with a friendly, approachable manner empathy and creative edge. He also works for ZEROiN and Squiz.
Brendon Caskey
Development Lead
Brendon is the Product Development Manager at Yonix. He has over 15 years software development experience.
Our shared values, principles and behaviour
Energy, confidence, drive and motivation
We set our course and go for it, inspiring confidence through our high energy approach, drive and momentum
Credible and professional
We present a professional image at all times, we go above and beyond, we are hardworking, producing quality work.
Trust, honesty, integrity and reliability
Our word is our bond, we keep our promises and operate with honesty and integrity, even when no one is looking.
High standards, efficiency
We take pride in everything we do, setting high standards that we strive to exceed. We do it once and do it right.
Adaptable and Agile
We are responsive to fast changing environments and situations facing us and our customers.