Case Studies > Greater requirements consistency for Atlas Technology
Yonix provided Altas Technology with a framework for requirements documentation that delivered greater consistency for thier stakeholders

The Situation

I am currently employed by ATLAS Technology, the software division of Scion (New Zealand’s Crown Research Institute for forestry). I manage projects for both commercial forestry management software, as well as use software to deliver cutting edge science to industry practitioners in a usable manner.

The Problem

Before switching to Yonix at ATLAS we were managing projects organically using spreadsheets and basic issue management software, which we used to capture enhancement ideas and bugs. This system was not fit for purpose, and getting out relevant information was clunky and tiresome. My project sponsors had no efficient way of signing off on specific requirements and had to approve whole word documents which increased risk and reduced productivity. I was doing inefficient analysis on very technical projects and confusion arose when two stakeholders were using incompatible vocabulary.

The Solution

When we began using Yonix, it provided a framework that helped to structure how we put requirement documentation together and gave greater consistency to stakeholders. I took to the program quickly and was able to easily share requirements with the rest of development team (including external developers) and external stakeholders. Project sponsors could approve one requirement at a time and add notes to a specific requirement if they had a question or disagreement. Any stakeholder was able to export documents into Word with the push of a button. Risk was reduced and efficiency increased because stakeholders were able to give and receive immediate feedback on specific requirements.

“I would absolutely recommend Yonix to other BAs because it is so easy to use and makes sharing requirements so simple.” ##### Jeremy Snook | Business Analyst, ATLAS Technology

The glossary tool allowed our project team to define terminology in a single, sharable repository, and the ability to hover your mouse over a term in a requirement and immediately get the definition continues to be incredibly useful. Getting project sponsors, stakeholders, and external developers on the same page reduced misunderstandings. The ability to access Yonix anywhere I had internet access allowed me to work on requirements wherever I was. It also meant it was very easy for me to get input from subject matter experts around the world on particular requirements. I’ve found the team at Yonix to always be very responsive whenever I’ve had an issue or question.

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